10/14/11, Marcus called, sounds sad…

10/14/11, I talked to Marcus, he sounds sad. He said, he missed his dad, so he was going to call him and see if he would visit him. His dad will probably visit him on Sunday. Marcus’ visits from family and friends keep him going knowing that we are all there to support him.

He says he misses seeing his daughters terribly, but he understands why he can’t at times. He’ll just have to be patient. He does talk to them on the phone on Grandparents night.  All the grandchildren get to spend the night and preceding day with their grandparents. There are about six kids and two weary adults. Talk about wonderful grandparents!

It’s a child’s dream to be loved as much as these kids are. Their grandparents’ big beautiful back yard has swing sets, seesaws, a jungle gym, monkey bars and a trampoline. It’s a child’s wonderland. These children know what the word family means, which will help determine their future lives. Love really does make the world a better place.

Their parents don’t feel too bad either as they all have a night to go out or just to be at home alone together without any children to worry about or a babysitter. They know their children are safe and sound. They get one morning each week they can sleep in or not. How many parents have this break? Not many, I’ll guarantee you.

Marcus misses Grandparents’ night as he always spent time with all the kids too. Marcus loves his kids, his nephew, and his nieces. They all love and miss him too.

Hope, Health, and Happiness,                    


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