9/11/11 ten years ago our country was assaulted…


9/11, my brother, Tony, was in New York City with his manager. They saw the smoke and heard the noise from their hotel balcony. Tony was worried about his children at home, so he took his limo as far as could go to get out of New York City before they closed all the incoming traffic off. They had told everyone to evacuate while they could. His limo dropped him off at a U-Haul place because no rental cars were available anywhere and they drove home in a large U-Haul truck. He called me when he was safe.

Bob had called me at work to tell me about the first plane crashing into the towers and then the second plane hit. It seemed surreal. I told my boss and went to let everyone else know and turn on one of our only Hospice TVs.

One of our Hospice PRN staff members lived part-time by Wall Street. His wife worked at Wall Street. He heard and saw it all. He offered to help. He told them he was a Hospice Nurse and they said he could help with the make-shift morgue. He tried to tell them he handled one death at a time and usually it was a planned death. It was not thousands of dead people with no sheets to cover their crushed or burned bodies and or faces.

Needless to say he was extremely traumatized. After his time with the morgue, he said he just walked and walked. He didn’t know where he was going or how he got there. The apartment building, he and his wife lived in, being so close to the World Trade Towers was also traumatized and now was unstable. So he ended up coming back to Florida fulltime, both he and his wife. They were both safe, but I am sure that they would never forget 9/11 as none of us will, but more so.

Our prayers are with all those families who lost loved ones.

9/11 will never be forgotten, so it will never occur again.

Hope, Health, and Happiness,


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