8/31/11, surgery is over and we are headed home…

8/31/11, we are sitting in the airport headed home. This is the first time I have sat up for longer than fifteen minutes at a time and I can tell you it’s not a pretty sight or feeling. Nausea keeps attempting to show it’s ugly head with a little bit of vomiting. Bob says think positive and says it won’t happen. Yeah! Right! Tell me another one Mr. Bob. Sitting up in a chair is not very conducive to my life right now. I have been holding off on my pain pill until we get ready to go on the plane. It’s all about timing. 

The airplane seats do not lie nicely down unless you are in first class and first class seats were not to be had due to all the flight cancellations with Irene. The red-eye non-stop flight we usually take at night was not available so now we have seven hours in flights and stopovers. This is going to be a long day! I plan to be medicated good through most of it. Sleep does the heart, new incisions, and Vickie good.  (Bob too because there’s no complaining and I’m a excellent complainer when I want to be. Pain makes you an expert!) 

As I look out the gate area to the other gates, I see doubles and triples of everyone and they just don’t stop moving even when they are standing still. Must be the meds. Sometimes they make me confused. 

We told Marcus not to call today because reaching us would be difficult and it would only frustrate him. He agreed and wished us well. We will talk tomorrow.

I seem to make sense when I write I hope, but some of my verbal speech doesn’t make sense at times. Hopefully this will clear up. It may be due to the meds. 

The first flight was uneventful until we got off the plane and then we got super transporter boy who could transport two wheelchairs in an instant. First he removed me from the airplane at top speeds hitting an every bump to be sure. Was he trying to set a record? Would my spine survive this wonderful, helpful young man? I doubt it.

Then I realized he really thought he was super boy. He was going to be pushing two wheelchairs at top speed to our various gates at the same time. The other guy and I looked at each other with panic. I explained I just had surgery I needed him to be careful. He looked at me and said, “Hey, I can do this. I do it everyday. You’re safe with me.”

As I looked into his warm brown eyes and his cunning smile, I said once again, I had just had spinal surgery and I couldn’t take any chances. It wasn’t that I couldn’t take any chances, hell I didn’t want to. I saw speed in those warm brown eyes and thought. How fast can I get them to their gates? I’ve got tips to earn and at two at a time, I’m going to have a great day! 

He grabbed my chair and the other guy’s wheelchair and we were off and running, actually running. He wasn’t worried about anyone in our way; mothers and children look out Ty was headed through. Of course the airport hallways were wall-to-wall people. The other guy in the wheelchair kept yelling coming through as our speed was building. Where the hell was Bob? Was I confused? Were we really in slow motion and I just hadn’t a clue? My meds could cause this? I prayed, please God save me! 

Bob was exhausted he just wanted to get to the next gate, being a caregiver is trying especially being one for a nurse name Vickie Skidmore, who is bossy, bossy, bossy, and confused, confused, and confused. 

We finally got to our next gate safely, to which, Ty was very proud. My nerves were shot as we hit the finish line of some race unbeknownst to us. He had a big smile on his face and I had relief on mine.

At Phoenix we had an hour and forty-five minute wait.  Am I going to make a fool of myself here? Confusion will make you do stupid things and I can do stupid things without its help. I must have had a helpless, I’m lost, I’m in pain, I don’t know who I am or what I am doing look in my face while Bob went to find us food. Two ladies decided I needed looking after. Are you okay, honey? You look funny? I said yes I had just had spinal cord surgery a few days ago and now I was flying home. There were actually five of us in a wheelchair group waiting to get on the plane to go to Tampa. Everyone was wanting to know everyone elses’ business. It made the time go faster. 

I tried to keep my mouth shut because as you know I wasn’t sure what would come out of it and I didn’t want to embarrass Bob. But all went pretty well until we boarded the plane. We always sit behind the bulkhead because it gives Bob more leg room and no one trips trying to get over me to go to the bathroom. All in all, it’s a more comfortable place to sit. It’s also close to the bathroom. The steward and stewardess kept asking is us if I was alright and Bob reassured them I was even though I just told him to keep an eye on me as I was seeing a face looking back at me from on the bulkhead wall and he wouldn’t go away. 

Poor Bob, I knew he was thinking would this trip ever end? Bob, like the trooper he was, he reassured me there was no little man on the wall and I was sitting down. Thank God…! I was getting nervous.  

All in all, the second flight was a good flight too, but a long one. We finally made it to Tampa. I didn’t embarrass Bob that I know of and he wouldn’t tell me if I did. That’s real love!

My sister, Valerie picked us up at the airport and one more trip to Cedars Sinai was behind us except for the healing part, recovery, and let’s not forget the inevitable pain that accompanies all surgeries.

May tomorrow be a better day!

Hope, Health, and Happiness,


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