8/29/11, hotel bound, then homeward bound after 2 days…


Dr. Schievink, “Sounds good to me. You can go home!” (Thank God!)

8/29/11, I don’t want to go home, not yet! It’s too painful! Of course it’s going to be painful no matter when I go. So to the hotel first we go.

I spent most the day in bed trying to sleep off the discomfort of my back then of the horrible food Bob and I ate.

My throat has been raw since the surgery and burning heartburn has been mine.

Marcus called. He calls daily for just a few minutes to make sure I’m okay. He sounds so sad sometimes, but there’s nothing I can do to help at this time. I explained to him to just give me two weeks to get my act together, then I’ll be ready to fight the world again for him. But today, tomorrow and the next few days I’m going to be worthless. I need to build up my strength and heal. As frustrated as he was, he understood. He said, “It’s okay mom. I love you.”

I said, “I love you too, Marcus, I just need a little time, then let the world stand back because your mom is  going to go after this world with a vengenance.” I should be able to function much better once this whole back thing has healed.

Hope, Health, and Happiness,


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